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Laser/IPL Safety

Association of Laser Safety Professionals

I am currently the General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals -  a body of certificated Laser Safety Professionals based in the UK.

At the same time, I am the General Secretary of the UK Council on Surgical Plume - an advisory board offering advice on the hazards of laser/IPL-generated plume and smoke.

LPA Services

As an LPA I can offer laser/IPL safety inspection services at your facility including a risk assessment. This is required by many local authorities in the UK if you are using Class 3B or 4 laser equipment for certain procedures.

Please contact me for further details or visit my site.

Laser/IPL Safety Training

I can also offer laser/IPL training for you and your staff, in your facility or in my office in Glasgow.
This will ensure you have a much safer environment to work and may also help to reduce your insurance premiums.
These courses are usually £350 per person, but I am happy to offer a discount if more than one person attends.

LPA: Packages & Rates
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